Long-métrage inspiré du livre de Tony Anthony "Taming the tiger"


Born of a Chinese mother and Italian father, Tony Anthony is “trafficked” to mainland China as a child and forcibly trained in the ancient martial art of Kung Fu. He matures into an underground fighter and goes on to win high level tournaments, shifting gears in his teen years to work in the higher echelons of close protection security. From Asia to Europe and across the Mediterranean to the Middle East, Tony lives in the action-filled fast lane protecting the world’s richest and most powerful people. And then – at the height of his powers – personal tragedy strikes, turning Tony into a bloodthirsty and violent man. Following his incarceration at Cyprus’ notorious Nicosia Central Prison, all appears lost but for the visits of a mysterious stranger.


  • Production : Kleezze Films
  • Durée approximative : 110 mn
  • Projet en développement